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Health & Fitness Pros:
Want a Fully Done-For-You, 21-Day Habit Challenge to Attract New Leads and Boost Client Results & Retention?
Customizable Client Success Guide, DFY Coaching Emails, Printable Habit Tracker, Proven Marketing Emails, AND Bonus Marketing Funnel!
Just $297!
*Prices in USD, One-Time Only Payment
*Proudly backed by 100% Happiness Guarantee!
Fill your pipeline with high-intent prospects...
This rebrandable 21-Day Habit Challenge was created to help you attract and convert high-quality leads WITHOUT having to create anything from scratch.

Everything is ready to go. Simply customize it, rebrand it, and LAUNCH! 🚀
Dear Fitness Pros & Health Coaches,

We all know that creating healthy habits is the KEY to success for our clients ... and creating and installing new, healthy habits is exactly what this 21-Day Challenge is DESIGNED to do! 

By leveraging the power of this DFY program, you can educate your clients and prospects, track their habits, hold them accountable, and help them create healthy lifestyle habits that stick.

Being able to do these things at SCALE is the missing link in so many coaching programs.

With this challenge, you'll be able to work 1-1 with clients OR in large groups. It's totally up to you. 

The best part?

All of the work has already been done FOR you!

No figuring how how to coach your clients on how to creating winning habits, writing out each daily coaching email for the challenge, researching content or designing the client success guide ... there's absolutely no guesswork.
Included in The DFY 21-Day  Habit Challenge:
21-Day Habit Challenge Resources:
  • ​A professionally-designed 21-Day Habit Challenge Guide you can rebrand with your logo in Canva
  • ​21 DFY "Deep Dive" Client Coaching Emails to keep your clients inspired and on track to hit their goals
  • Printable Habit Tracker so your clients can track their habits and celebrate their consistency
  • Completely Customizable In Canva so you can make any changes or brand updates you'd like to the entire program
  • ​Everything is 100% Science-Backed and designed to get REAL RESULTS for your clients! 
+ Exclusive Marketing Bonuses:
  • BONUS #1: 6 Done-for-You Marketing Emails to promote the challenge and fire up your list
  • BONUS #2: Complete Marketing Funnel to effortlessly convert your prospects into your challenge.
Only $297
*Prices in USD, One-Time Only Payment
**Proudly backed by 100% Happiness Guarantee!
If you’re struggling to stay on top of marketing, creating high-converting funnels, and turning your leads into paying clients, this is for you! 
Just $297
*Prices in USD, One-Time Only Payment
**Proudly backed by 100% Happiness Guarantee!
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Do you recommend running this challenge as a paid or free program? 
This program is designed to be run as a PAID program. I do not recommend giving this away for free because your challengers probably won't take the program as seriously as if they paid -- because they aren't invested in their success. I highly recommend charging. 
What do you recommend charging for this program? 
Great question! It depends on what you're including with the challenge (example: workouts, nutrition, 1-1 accountability, etc.). You want to attract your ideal clients who are also financially qualified to continue on with your core program once the 21-day habit challenge is over. 

As general rule of thumb, 25% higher or lower as that same amount of time would cost in your core program is a good place to start. Example: If your core program is $100/month. That works out to about $25/week. Therefore 3 weeks (21-days) would cost about $75 in your core program. 25% higher or lower for the challenge would be anywhere from $56.25 to $93.75. It's not a perfect science, and you've got a little give. So if these were my price points, I would charge anywhere from $49 to $99. (And if it were me, I would go higher instead of lower!) 
Can I use this program in any CRM platform? 
Yes! You can use this program in your favorite CRM platform. We do offer a 1-Click Install to make it easy for our customers who use Onboard Me (since so many of our clients use it!), but you do not need Onboard Me to be able to use this program.  
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