The 30-Day Plant-Based Challenge Marketing Bundle:

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This complete marketing bundle is specifically designed to pair with our signature DFY transformation challenge, The 30-Day Plant-Based Challenge! 

While The 30-Day Plant-Based Challenge comes with EVERYTHING you need to give your clients the kind of “take my money” results they’re looking for...

You still need to get the program out into the world!
That’s why I’ve gone ahead and written, designed, and built ALL of the sales pages, emails, ads, and video scripts you need to promote The 30-Day Plant-Based Challenge…

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Here's What's Included In Your Plant-Based Challenge Marketing Bundle:

A beautifully designed, built-to-convert sales pages ($2,500 Value)
All of the copy and design is DONE — just add your details to the placeholders and launch! You can easily upload this page right into Clickfunnels or OnboardMe/Thrive Coach in under five minutes.
An optimized checkout page ($1,500 Value)
Next to your sales page, your checkout page will make or break the results of your campaign. That’s why you’re getting a fully-optimized checkout page that’s proven to keep prospects moving through your funnel smoothly.
A “Thank You” page to welcome clients  ($1,500 Value)
Your “thank you” page is the perfect place to start getting your clients excited about the 30-Day Plant-Based Challenge!  You're all set to get them motivated and ready to go!
A proven set of marketing emails to excite your list! ($800 Value)
Get your existing email list EXCITED about your new 30-Day Plant-Based Challenge with a complete set of plug-and-play marketing emails. Just load these up into your CRM and deploy them when you're ready to start marketing!
Facebook & Instagram Ads to bring in the most prospects ($1,000 Value)
Have the budget to run ads? Amazing! You’ll find a fresh set of ads for the 30-Day Plant-Based Challenge to spread the word and get those “ka-chings!” emails blowing up your inbox all day long.
This marketing bundle is worth more than $10,000… which is exactly how much it costs to get an AMAZING funnel written, designed, and built for you by an agency or team of expert freelancers (at minimum!).

This Is Your Fast-Track VIP Pass To More Free Time + More Sales! 

Even a “budget” funnel built by freelancers you might find on an inexpensive job board will still cost at LEAST $500 to $1,000… plus hours of back and forth, edits, and no guarantee that it will convert.

But because I can’t WAIT for you and your clients to fall in love with The 30-Day Plant-Based Challenge (seriously, everyone loves it!)...

I want to help you jumpstart your success so you can fill up your program ASAP with a major discount on the marketing bundle right here on this page.

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