Done-For-You Program for Your Clients:
DFY Program for Your Clients:
10-Day Total Mind & Body Detox Plan Designed to Purge Built-Up Toxins, Blast Stubborn Fat, & Break Through Plateaus
Hello Fitness Pros & Health Coaches,

If you’re not already offering your clients a whole-food "detox" or cleanse ... you SHOULD be! 

Not only will your clients detox their bodies and help them to break through any plateaus ...

but this could be a GREAT source of income for your fitness business or health coaching practice.

For Current Clients: This program will help them reset their bodies, refocus on their goals, and help them to feel AMAZING ... leading to happier clients and improved retention. 

For Potential Clients: It gives them the opportunity to try out your program, experience your community, and achieve (also AMAZING!) results before committing to one of your longer-term programs.
What Is The 10-Day Total Mind & Body Detox Program? 
It's a Dietician-Approved, Nutrient-Dense Program that has everything you need to deliver a life-changing experience for your clients... 

all while massively boosting your revenue

There are sample meal guides, delicious recipes, printable grocery lists, client checklists, daily inspirational client emails, and more.
It's also beautifully designed and 100% REBRANDABLE IN CANVA, so it'll be a breeze to add your logo, branding, and contact info.
We've already done all of the research, recipe testing, and heavy lifting FOR YOU. 

There's literally no guesswork involved. 
Your Clients Will Hit the "RESET" Button On Their Bodies ...
Your Clients Will Hit the "RESET" Button On Their Bodies.
This 10-Day Total Mind & Body Detox has been carefully designed to help your clients rid their bodies of built-up toxins and wastes, balance their hormones, boost their energy levels, and feed and fuel their bodies so you feel ridiculously amazing.

It will help you to educate, motivate, and inspire your clients ... and give you everything you need to deliver an unforgettable experience. 
You'll teach your clients how to install healthy habits that will last a lifetime!
This program can help your clients to:  
      🍅 RESET their metabolism
      🍑 RID their bodies of stubborn fat
      🍋 ELIMINATE built-up toxins & waste
      🥦 BOOST brain health, memory, and clear "brain fog" 
      🍏 SKYROCKET energy levels 
      🍇 ENHANCE the quality of sleep
By offering a whole-foods based, nutrient-dense solution like this 10-Day Total Mind & Body Detox Program, you can help your clients and community get REAL RESULTS and teach them skills that will last for the rest of their lives. 
Attract New Clients, Make 💰, and Save Time.
This program makes for a PERFECT "front-end offer" (entry point) for your business. 
It's designed to help your new clients (and current clients, of course!) get results FAST. And as we all know, the better the results, the more likely they are to continue on once the program is over. 
And that's the ultimate goal, right? 

This program will help you to attract high-quality clients who will be likely to STAY, PAY, & REFER.

And here's a fun fact: many of our clients turn this program into their signature "front-end offer" as an entry point for all of their new clients. 

👉 You can run this program to create cash flow during ANY time of the year. 
And, you can easily update the branding to align with your messaging by positioning it as a: 
    ⭐️  10-Day Total Mind & Body Detox
    ⭐️  10-Day Jumpstart
    ⭐️  10-Day Mind & Body "Reset"
    ⭐️  Signature 10-Day Cleanse
    ⭐️  and the list goes on...

It's incredibly versatile - there are so many ways you can leverage this in your business! 
No Need to Reinvent the Wheel.
There's no need to spend countless hours behind that dreaded computer trying to recreate the wheel.

This program will give you your TIME back ... so you can spend it with your family, relaxing, working ON your business, or doing just about anything else you want to do.

I've already done the heavy lifting FOR you ...

I'm talking recipe testing, creating quality content, designing the graphics, getting it approved by a registered dietician, etc. 

Why spend the time and energy trying to build a program like this all by yourself  ... 

When you can pick up this program right now for less than 1% of what it would cost you to create it yourself?!
Use This 10-Day Program Online or Offline...
  • In-Person Transformation Program:  Do you work in-person with your clients in a brick & mortar facility,  studio, or outdoor fitness boot camp? If so, this program will make for a perfect addition to your existing program.  
  • Online Transformation Program: Are you an online personal trainer,  wellness professional, or health coach who works virtually with your clients?  Also great!  This program can integrate seamlessly with your current offerings or as a stand-alone program.
How Can This 10-Day Program Impact Your Business?  
  • Generate an extra $1k, $2k, or $5k+ every time you run this program (on the front end... not including memberships signed on the back end after the program.)
  • Save a HUGE Amount of Time, Energy, and Money having to create all of these resources by yourself. (over 100+ hours!)
  • Tap into a GROWING Market and educate your clients and prospects on the right way to eat a healthy diet.
  • Get Your Clients INCREDIBLE Results.  This program is specifically designed to get your clients the BEST results possible in just 10 days. 
  • Improve Client Retention. Better Results = Happier Clients.  Happy clients means improved retention. You'll keep clients longer, build stronger relationships, & make more MONEY.  
  • Launch in Less Than 1-2 Hours!  Yes, it's that simple! Brand this program right inside of Canva with your own logo, colors ... and you're ready to rock. 
Included In Your 10-Day Total Mind & Body Program
***This Program is 100% Rebrandable & Customizable in Canva!***

Success Guide

You’ll get a 30-page client success manual that is designed to guide your clients through resetting their body and their mind and their environment to help them get the best results possible, as well as tips for maintaining their results.

Recipe Manual

Complete Recipe Manual filled with over 20 delicious recipes to detox using real food.  Easy to prepare menu items like Heavenly Chocolate Avocado Pudding, Mom's Chicken Soup, Gazpacho, and Citrus Fish Tacos will become client favorites long after the program is over. 

Meal Guide

You’ll get 10 days of done-for-you meal guides that are 100% Dietician Approved. They're designed for both men and women and are easily customizable if you'd like to change anything.

Supplement Guide

Provide your clients with a complete list of supplements, including guidance on choosing products with high-quality ingredients. This will help you generate additional revenue in your business! Add your own personal recommendations or products as you see fit! 

Daily Inspirational Client Emails

You’ll get daily emails that are designed to keep your clients motivated and on track with their goals. These are INVALUABLE for client retention and will help keep your clients focused and inspired.

Ultimate Detox Checklist

This checklist will outline everything your clients need in order to set themselves up for success over their 10-day challenge and get them the results that they DESERVE! 
Everything is 100% Rebrandable. It's Delivered right in Canva to make it easy to add your branding, make edits, or put your personal touch on it.
 10-Day Detox Program Today!
100% Happiness Guarantee
I'm SO confident that you're going to love this program, that I'm giving you a 14-Day, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee.  
There's zero risk for you, all the risk is on me!
Only $147 ($297)
What Coaches Have Said About Our Programs...
Take A Sneak Peak Inside...
Need some more details?  Setting your clients up for success begins with educating them properly about how to follow a healthy diet and the reasons why it works. 

Here are just a few topics your clients will be learning about throughout the program:
  • Getting Started
  • Detoxing Through Food
  • ​Body & Skin Detoxification
  • ​Mind & Spirit Cleanse? 
  • ​Smoothies & Juicing
  • ​Supplementation Guide
  • ​What You'll Need
  • ​Maintenance After Your Detox
  • ​And SO MUCH MORE ...
Here's a Quick Recap of What You'll Get...
The 10-Day Program Includes:
  • 30-Page Client Success Manual
  • ​Complete Detox Recipe Manual
  • Dietician-Approved Meal Guides
  • Motivational & Inspirational Emails
  • ​Ultimate Detox Checklist
  • Detox Supplement Guide
So What Are You Waiting For!?
100% Happiness Guarantee
You've Got NOTHING to Lose ... This Program is Proudly Backed by my 14-Day, 100% Happiness Guarantee. 
 There's a 14-Day, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee. There's zero risk on you, all the risk is on me!
Only $147 ($297)
This program is a win-win across the board. 

You do NOT have to spend your valuable time and energy doing all of this yourself.

This program will help you free up your time (invaluable!) and energy so you can focus on what YOU do best – coaching your clients!

Pick up your 10-Day Total Mind & Body Detox Program now and add a brand new revenue stream into your business while giving your clients an incredible tool to help them accelerate their results!

Committed To Your Success,
Alicia Streger, CSCS
P.S. Don't forget this system is 100% DONE-FOR-YOU.  

*It's a profit-generating, results-delivering, plug & play program that you and your clients will LOVE.  

**You'll have INSTANT ACCESS to the program once you order.

***Programs like this creates true LEVERAGE in your business. It will free up more time so you can focus on the 5% of activities that'll allow you to GROW & SCALE your business.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Can I Run the 10-Day Program as an Online Program? 
Absolutely!  It doesn't matter if you work in-person or virtually with your clients.  This program works perfectly for both business models. 
Is this Different Than Your Other Programs? 
Absolutely! Every single one of my programs contains fresh, original, thoughtful content. You will see some similarities in the overall philosophy (whole foods, gluten & dairy-free, etc), but the recipes and all of the content are 100% original to each program.
Your results may vary and will depend on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, commitment, and other factors. There is no guarantee of success. 

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