Attention Fitness & Health Pros!
How Would You like a Done-for-You Transformation Challenge  That'll Deliver INCREDIBLE Results to your Members, Attract New Clients, & Add HUGE PROFITS to your Bottom Line? 
Dear Fitness Pros & Health Coaches,

As business owners, we do it all. We're marketers, relationship builders, problem solvers, salespeople, content creators, website wizards, billing experts, lease negotiators, managers, and the list goes on and on.

This is all in addition to being an AMAZING coach and constantly overdelivering to give our clients the best experience possible ... and of course, helping them get incredible results!

It's nearly impossible to do it all by yourself without losing your mind.

I owned my fitness business for more than 9 years before I sold it to a pro soccer player.  Along the way, I've was hyper-focused on building an amazing team and creating systems that have allowed me to spend more time ON my business instead of in it.

And ... one of these "systems" (The LBD Transformation System) that I built changed EVERYTHING for my business. 
In fact, this SINGLE program was my SECRET WEAPON for both RESULTS + LEAD GENERATION.
The Little Black Dress Project has been by FAR the most profitable program I have ever run in my business.

The first time I ran this challenge, we brought in over 22k in revenue ... and the numbers grew every time after that.

It was life-changing for our clients and game-changing for my business. 

You're in the right place if you're looking for a way to generate high-quality leads for your business, WOW your clients with an incredible experience AND amazing results, boost PROFITS in a significant way, and set yourself apart from your competition. 
What Is The Little Black Dress Project? 
The LBD Project is a done-for-you (rebrandable) transformation program designed to empower women to build self-confidence, lose weight, and feel like strong and sexy women.

It's a PROVEN program that not only gets life-changing results ... but will help you deliver an experience your clients will never forget. 

It comes with Dietician-Approved, Nutrient-Dense Meal Plans, Printable Grocery Lists, & Daily Inspirational Client Emails. 

There's also a complete Client Success Manual, Recipe Book, Client Worksheets, Checklists, and More!  
It's also beautifully designed & 100% REBRANDABLE in Canva, so you add your branding and update any content you'd like in a pinch.
You can even throw an "LBD Party" at the end (I'll show you how!) where your clients will wear their little black dresses to celebrate their success. 

There's no guesswork involved ... this program has EVERYTHING you need to run a successful transformation challenge in your fitness or wellness business.
Attract High-Quality Clients & Boost Your PROFIT.
Want to generate an EXTRA $1k, $10k, or $50k+ (depending on your business model & marketing budget)?
I thought you might. This program is built not only to help you generate revenue and profit on the FRONT END, but ...
The Little Black Dress Project will help you stand out from the crowd and attract high-quality clients who will be likely to STAY, PAY, & REFER.
Transformation programs are still one of the BEST ways to bring in new clients, over-deliver to current clients, and generate additional revenue and PROFIT for your business.

They'll help keep current clients hyper-focused on their goals, leading to better results, happier clients, and improved retention. 

It also gives prospects (who don't know you yet) the opportunity to try out your program, experience what it's like to be a part of your community, and experience amazing results before committing to a longer-term membership. 
Let's Do the Math ... 
Let's say you only charged $97 for new clients to participate in this program (which is on the VERY low side). 

You only need TEN new challengers to generate nearly $1,000 in new revenue. Double the clients or double the price of the program, and you've now generated $2,000 in additional revenue.  

You can see how quickly this can add up when you convert participants into LONG-TERM CLIENTS on the back-end.

It's not uncommon for business owners to generate $25k-$50k+ using transformation programs like this on a regular basis.

Fitness Business Owners and Health Coaches who aren't effectively tapping into their power are losing hundreds of potential clients and THOUSANDS of dollars to competitors who are leveraging this strategy.  
Use This Transformation Program Online or Offline...
  • In-Person Transformation Program:  Do you work in-person with your clients in a brick & mortar facility,  studio, or outdoor fitness boot camp? If so, this program will make for a perfect addition to your existing program.  
  • Online Transformation Program: Are you an online personal trainer,  wellness professional, or health coach who works virtually with your clients?  Also great!  This program can integrate seamlessly with your current offerings or as a stand-alone program.
How Can The LBD Project Impact Your Business?  
  • Generate an extra $1k, $5k, or $20k+ every time you run this program (on the front end... not including memberships signed on the back end after the program.)
  • Save a HUGE Amount of Time, Energy, and Money having to create all of these resources by yourself. (over 100+ hours!)
  • Tap into a GROWING Market and educate your clients and prospects on the right way to eat a healthy diet.
  • Get Your Clients INCREDIBLE Results.  This program is specifically designed to get your clients the BEST results possible in just 42 days. 
  • Improve Client Retention. Better Results = Happier Clients.  Happy clients mean improved retention. This means you'll keep your clients longer, build stronger relationships, and make more MONEY.  
  • Launch in Less Than 1-2 Hours!  Yes, it's that simple! Brand this program with your own logo, colors, and contact information... and you're ready to rock. 
Included In Your 42-Day Transformation Program:
***This Program is 100% Rebrandable & Customizable in Canva!***

Success Manual

You’ll get a complete 29-page Client Success Manual that will educate, empower, and guide your clients through their transformation program. It's jam-packed with thoughtful info, tips, and ideas to help them get the best results possible.

Recipe Manual

There are dozens of healthy, mouthwatering recipes in the 53-page Recipe Manual that your clients will refer to long after the program ends! You'll find recipes for our world-famous LBD Turkey Burgers, pumpkin pancakes, 1-pan dinners, hearty salads, and a lot more!

Weekly Meal Guides

You’ll get done-for-you meal guides that are 100% Registered Dietician Approved. PLUS … the guides are designed so that your clients will NOT have to spend hours in the kitchen every day preparing their meals.

Weekly Grocery Lists

A client favorite: weekly grocery lists they can print and bring to the grocery store for their weekly shopping trip.

Daily Inspirational Emails

You’ll get 42 daily emails created to inspire, motivate, and keep clients and on track with their goals. These are INVALUABLE for client retention and will keep your participants focused on what's most important to them. 

Nutritional Swaps Guide

If your clients want to make and swaps or substitutions during the program ... no problem! We've got you covered with this complete swap guide!

Goal-Setting & Measurement Worksheets

The Goal-Setting worksheet will inspire your challengers to set goals – and then to go deeper into why those goals matter to them. You'll also get a measurement worksheet to easily track your client’s results.

Portion Control Guide

This handy resource will help guide your clients to keep their portions in check as they progress through the program. This simple tool will help them stick to their goals and achieve great results!
And... Grab These 4 FAST ACTION BONUSES! 

BONUS #1: Business Owner Checklist

A comprehensive checklist of everything you need to be successful & maximize profits during your 42-Day Program.

- What you need to do BEFORE the challenge to set yourself up for success when you run this program.
- Everything you need to be mindful of DURING the 42-Day Little Black Dress Project.
- What you need to consider AFTER the program is over to ensure to maximize your results.

BONUS #2: Complete Pricing Guide

I'll break down the exact pricing strategy that I share with my coaching clients for Front End Offers. 

I'll show you exactly how to price your transformation program to maximize profits AND bring in qualified prospects (people who will likely continue on with your program once it's over!). 

BONUS #3: Client Check-In Call Scripts 

Quick and easy call script templates to follow, so you’ll know exactly when to check in and what to say to hold your clients accountable.

You'll Get Phone Call Scripts For:
- A call BEFORE their program even begins 
- The day after their first workout
- A mid-program check-in call
- & A Bonus"Missing In Action" call script in  case you have a client who hasn't shown up for a workout in a few days! 

BONUS #4: Goal Card Scripts 

This will help you to over-deliver and "surprise and enthuse" your clients!

You'll get thoughtful copy-and-paste templates of the exact scripts I sent to my clients.
Everything is 100% Rebrandable. It's Delivered right in Canva to make it easy to add your branding, make edits, or put your personal touch on it.
100% Happiness Guarantee
I'm SO confident that you're going to love this program, that I'm giving you a 14-Day, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee.  
There's zero risk for you, all the risk is on me!
Only $297 ($597)
Testimonials From Clients...
Check Out What Other Coaches Have Been Saying ...
Take A Sneak Peak Inside...
Need a little more inside info?  Setting your clients up for success begins with empowering them with the resources they need to get serious results. 

Here are just a few topics your clients will be learning about throughout the program:
  • Setting Yourself Up for Success
  • What If I Don't Have Time to Cook?
  • Amazing Grab 'n' Go Options
  • 23 LBD Tips for Success
  • How to Navigate Detox Days
  • LBD Philosophy on "Cheat Meals" 
  • The LBD Food Exchange Guide
  • And Much More!
Here's a Quick Recap of What You'll Get...
The 42-Day Program Includes:
  • 42-Days of Clean Meal Guides (Dietician Approved)
  • ​Weekly Print & Go Grocery Lists
  • Complete LBD Success Manual
  • LBD Signature Recipe Manual
  • 42-Days of LBD Daily Inspirational Emails
  • ​Nutritional Swaps 
  • ​Goal-Setting LBD Worksheets
  • ​Measurement Sheets
  • ​Stunning Copy & Paste Graphics 
Fast Action Bonuses:
  • BONUS #1: Complete Quick Start Checklist
  • BONUS #2: LBD Goal Card Scripts
  • BONUS #3: Check-In Call Scripts
  • BONUS #4: LBD Pricing Guide
So What Are You Waiting For!?
100% Happiness Guarantee
You've Got NOTHING to Lose ... The LBD Project is Proudly Backed by my 14-Day, 100% Happiness Guarantee.  You've got a 14-Day, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee. There's zero risk on you, all the risk is on me!
Only $297 ($597)
One Last Note: You do NOT have to spend your valuable time and energy building a science-backed, results-getting transformation program by yourself.

This program will help you free up your time (invaluable!) and energy so you can focus on what YOU do best – coaching your clients!

Pick up your 6-Week Little Black Dress Project now and add a brand new revenue stream into your business while giving your clients an incredible tool to help them accelerate their results!

Committed To Your Success,
Alicia Streger, CSCS
P.S. Don't forget this system is 100% DONE-FOR-YOU.  

*It's a profit-generating, results-delivering, plug & play program that you and your clients will LOVE.  

**You'll have INSTANT ACCESS to the program once you order.

***This program will save you over 200 HOURS of work if you were to create this content on your own. Systems like this create LEVERAGE in your business and allow you to GROW & SCALE … and of course, focus on the activities that you LOVE doing in your business (like coaching!).
Frequently Asked Questions:
Can I Run the 42-Day Program as an Online Challenge? 
Absolutely!  It doesn't matter if you work in-person or virtually with your clients.  This program works perfectly for both business models. 
Is This Vegan or Vegetarian? 
No, this program is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians. I do, however, have a program specifically for vegans. Email and we will send you more info. 
What's the Calorie Breakdown in the Program? 
The average amount of calories range from 1400-1600 per day (except for the first 2 detox days) During the first 2 weeks, carbs are under 80 grams, and the last four weeks they are about 100 grams. Protein averages 100 grams per day. 
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