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up to 60% of Fitness businesses will PERMANENTLY CLOSE IN 2020 ...

Mavericks Gives you The Strategies & Resources You Need To FORGE A NEW PATH & Virtually Guarantee Your Success.
2020 has been ONE crazy ride with no signs of slowinG DOWN ...
  • Fitness business owners are more stressed, burnt out & overwhelmed than ever before
  • We're entering uncharted territory as far as what the fitness business of the future looks like
  • ​Balancing our physical, mental and emotional health with the health of our business is beginning to feel impossible 
  • Business no longer seems to be as FUN and liberating as it should be
  • ​Being a leader is becoming an incredibly daunting and demanding responsibility within our teams and communities

But 2020 has brought both challenges AND OPPORTUNITIES along the way.

For example: with the challenge of COVID-19 we had to close our facilities ... 

but along with closing brought the opportunity for a new kind of service, the “live virtual group training zoom workouts” (which shook up the online training industry)!

Unfortunately, it all came with a lot of unwanted baggage like:

  • Uncertainty
  • ​Overwhelm
  • ​Insecurity (financial, mental, emotional)
  • ​Fatigue
  • ​A sense of burden

People are scared, burnt out and overall feeling “over it.”

Many are packing up and calling it quits …

Many are pivoting hard, trying everything they can while running on fumes …

And many are just a bit frozen in the moment not sure WHAT to do.

It doesn't have to be this way!

What if you could START and FINISH every day confident, focused, motivated, and optimistic about the future?

What if you could stop worrying about everything that's going wrong … and instead had a sense of clarity and confidence, and felt empowered by your new path forward? 

What if you could stop "reacting" … and were able to quickly pivot to create more impact and income in our new economy

What if in spite of all the craziness ... you could build a fitness business that is:

  • ​More FUN  
  • ​More EXCITING!

And a whole lot of other things that we can’t even imagine yet.

You see, not only is it a time of transition for ALL of us in the world today, but it’s also a time of significant shifting for our INDUSTRY AS A WHOLE.

It’s up to us to steer this ship in the right direction.

a community of impact-driven, abundant-minded fitness pros
Because our Fit Pro community is struggling right now... 

I wanted to do everything I can to help keep our community inspired and equipped with the knowledge, resources, accountability, and support they need to stay focused and profitable.

That's why I teamed up with two of the most AMAZING rockstars I know to help lead our new coaching program: THE MAVERICKS MASTERMIND.
Here's HOW IT WORKS ...
As a Maverick, you'll have access to WEEKLY live training and coaching sessions, so you can ask questions and stay on track.

If you can't make them live, no problem. We'll always post the recording right afterwards.

Everything we coach on is HYPER-RELEVANT to the current world right now with the Coronavirus Pandemic and economic conditions. 

Here's an inside look at some of our recent and upcoming training sessions: 
  • How to Structure Your PROFITABLE Online & Hybrid Program Offers 
  • Launching Your Online & Hybrid Program Offers On a Shoestring Budget (& Filling Your Beta Program)
  • ​Pinpointing Your High-Value 20% (for Exponential Growth in Less Time & with Less Stress)
  • ​How to Leverage Short (5,7,10-Day) Challenges and Transition Challengers into Long-Term Clients
  • How to Build a SCALABLE Follow-Up Pipeline for Maximum Conversion & Leverage
  • ​How to Make Your Fitness Business Permanently Profitable! (budgeting workshop)
PLUS ... we have MONTHLY and QUARTERLY Planning Workshops to help you establish your priorities, set goals, and give you CLARITY AND FOCUS for the upcoming month.

There are fun CHALLENGES to help you take yourself and business to the next level (and you can win some pretty cool prizes for participating).

When you're CLEAR on exactly what you need to do it, taking action becomes a LOT easier.

And when you take action ... you reduce your amount of anxiety, stress, and overwhelm.

You'll be in AMAZING company, because everyone in the group is IMPACT-DRIVEN, ABUNDANT-MINDED, and ready to take back control over 2020 to finish strong and on top.
 To make it all happen ...
I've teamed up with two other AMAZING ROCKSTARS who are also leaders in client acquisition, marketing, systems, leadership, and getting client results to be a part of the Mavericks team.

We're a power trio that all have highly specific skillsets to help you get INCREDIBLE results in your business.  For example ...

While most people know me as an expert in systems … my real superpower has been my ability to get hyper-clear on my goals and develop my ability to lead, delegate, focus, and have FUN in the process!
Because of this, I know exactly how to help you:
  • Establish your millionaire success habits
  • Get CRYSTAL clear on your vision
  • ​Unlock your creative genius to have more FUN!
  • ​​Reorganize your day for maximum productivity 
  • ​Develop your leadership potential 
  • ​And of course, delegation and systems!
And I'm bringing in the ABSOLUTE BEST to help you:
  • Market yourself to stand out in a noisy environment and separate yourself from your competition
  • ​Choose your perfect tech platforms for online and hybrid coaching
  • Sell in person AND over the phone with confidence 
  • ​​Get even more amazing client results without the overwhelm to create raving fans for life
  • ​Get more clients organically and maximize your ROI
  • ​ AND MORE!
"As you may already know, my name is Alicia Streger and I'm your Leadership, Growth & Systems Mastery coach. 

Just like you, I started out as a personal trainer and pursued my own entrepreneurial journey. I started a successful boot camp program, which grew into a fully systematized fitness biz that I was able to sell and is still open today.  

Since then I’ve dedicated myself to helping fitness and wellness pros scale, streamline and systematize their businesses. 

Most people know me as an expert in systems, but my real secret to how I grew my six and seven figure businesses has been  developing my abilities to lead, hyper-focus, and have a LOT of fun along the way.
I’m going to be coaching and talking about things like:

Establishing your millionaire success habits, getting crystal clear on your vision, reorganizing your day for maximum productivity, unlocking your creative genius to have more fun, and developing your leadership potential."
"My name is Michelle Smith and I’m your new online coaching, community and client success coach.

I’ve been a personal trainer and sports performance coach for over 20 years and have been running a successful hybrid fitness business for the past 4 years. I’ve developed high ticket solutions for my virtual clients, and now have a team of trainers who coach my systems and methodologies.

I'm also the official strength and conditioning provider for an international youth soccer club with over 32,000 members, and coaches hundreds of athletes each week via live online training sessions. 

I was also the Director of Electives Education at the National Personal Training Institute of Colorado, and a Senior Course Instructor & course developer for 4 years before leaving to open my brick and mortar training facility in Colorado.

While most people know me for my fitness business endeavors ... my real passion is helping my fellow Mavericks set up their coaching systems for online and hybrid and get their clients results.

I’m going to be coaching and talking about are things like:

How to choose your technology platforms for online and hybrid coaching, how to systemize client fulfillment, how to hire online coaches, how to get client results without overwhelm, and how to create customers for life. "
"My name is Mike Salvietti and I’m your new marketing and sales coach.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve helped thousands of gym owners and fit pros all over the world use digital marketing to create consistent and scalable income.

But I’ve been in the fitness industry way longer than that, 12 years to be precise. I've personally gone from running 6-figure bootcamps out of church gymnasiums to operating a 12,000 sq ft. facility generating over $500,000/year.

Most people know me for my Facebook advertising but my real bread and butter is in clarifying your marketing message and optimizing your entire customer journey for maximum impact and income.

I’m going to be coaching and talking about are things like:

How do you market yourself to stand out in a noisy environment, how can you leverage your expertise and knowledge in your marketing, how do you sell in person and over the phone without selling your soul, how do you get clients organically, and how do you maximize your return on advertising dollars."
What's The Mavericks Mastermind All About?
clarity, focus, leadership, growth, impact, & Having fun.
It's for people who take responsibility for their own success, who want to have more fun, and who want access to high-level coaching and resources so you can pave your own path forward in this new economy with confidence.

With everything going on in the world, we're focused on getting EXCITED about our businesses again, becoming extraordinary leaders, and fostering creative solutions so we can steer this industry in the right direction.
This is actually one of our TOP priorities in The Mavericks Mastermind.

For  many of us, business has gotten incredibly stressful, overwhelming, and physically and emotionally draining.  

Bringing back the FUN and excitement into your business will  have such a powerful impact in your life, that it has become a cornerstone of our mission in our Mavericks Mastermind. 
During uncertain times many of us feel stuck and paralyzed with what to do.

When you're crystal clear on your vision, your decisions become easy and effortless to make ... because they either align with your vision, or they don't.

As a Maverick, we'll help you uncover the perfect path forward for YOU, so that your business is more fulfilling, impactful, profitable, and of course, fun!
lead powerfully
The ability to lead, not just our teams and our clients, but ourselves ... is probably the single biggest make-or-break factor for achieving success.

Your leadership ability is actually the CEILING to your success. The only way to achieve that next level is to raise your ceiling. 

Part of being a Maverick means consistent focus on your own growth and leadership.
make more money
Being a Maverick is largely about getting paid proportionately to the level of impact and results we provide others ... but too often the focus is JUST on the money.

As a Maverick, you'll focus on the specific habits, mindsets, and growth strategies that produce wealth as a result almost effortlessly. 

It's time to ditch the scarcity and create true abundance inside and out. 
have more freedom
While most Fit Pros focus on running and growing their business, Mavericks have a different approach.

In Mavericks, we teach you to build teams and systems to run the business FOR you, so you can focus on your "zone of genius" while actually having time to enjoy life.

If you are ready to level-up and create more leverage in your business and life ... then you've come to the right place.
achieve breakthroughs
Mavericks is about an intentional focus on growth and challenging ourselves to be our absolute best every single day.

As a Maverick, we believe that we are the ONLY ones that can open the floodgates or pump the breaks in our own businesses.

Breaking through your comfort zone and self-limiting beliefs will help you achieve major breakthroughs with speed and expectancy. This is what being a Maverick is all about.  
Here's What You'll Get Every Month:


The core of our Mastermind is our LIVE weekly training. Each week we hold new, highly relevant trainings / coaching sessions. If you can't make the calls live, don't worry! Every call is recorded and archived in the members portal for lifetime reference and access.

Our weekly presentations are designed to move you and your business forward in every area that matters from mindset, leadership, marketing, systems, fulfillment, sales etc.  

Value: $997/mo


A huge part of being a Maverick is strategizing, problem solving and coming up with creative solutions along the way. 

Each month we'll do hot seats and deep dives to help you tackle  specific problems and obstacles. Our goal is to help you take MASSIVE ACTION while fostering an environment of accountability.

Value: $297/mo


The Mavericks Members Portal is our private members area exclusive to active Mavericks.  

You'll have a private login, and be able to access all of your Mavericks trainings, replays and exclusive bonuses inside.

Value: $97/mo


You'll also have access to our private Mavericks Facebook Group where we do weekly accountability, hold fun mini-challenges, do live rapid-fire coaching, and celebrate your wins and successes!
You'll make life-long friends and be able to be cheered on in your walk as a Maverick Leader and Entrepreneur. 

Value: $297/mo
We've put together some EPIC bonus resources & training to help you hit the ground running and see immediate results both personally and in your business, including:
  • Your Maverick Productivity Playbook
  • ​The Maverick Mindset Mixtape
  • ​Creating Your Maverick Marketing Message
  • ​Online & Hybrid Tech Training Nuts and Bolts
  • ​Facebook Ads Alchemy
  • ​The Million Dollar Facebook Ad Swipe File
Hear it straight from some of our AMAZING Mavericks!
  • Your Maverick Productivity Playbook
  • ​The Maverick Mindset Mixtape
  • ​Creating Your Maverick Marketing Message
  • ​Online & Hybrid Tech Training Nuts and Bolts
  • ​Facebook Ads Alchemy
  • ​The Million Dollar Facebook Ad Swipe File
I need to be completely honest and say that Mavericks is definitely NOT for everyone. Although it's affordable enough that anyone can join, we will be diligent in weeding out anyone that’s not the right fit.

There are a few types of people that, although are great in their own ways, are just not going to feel comfortable in this community, because this group is about focus, leadership, fun and TAKING ACTION!
  • ​You've feel like if you pivot any harder in your business you'll blow out a knee.
  • ​You're ready to stabilize, recenter and move forward in your fitness business with extreme clarity.
  • ​You want your business to be fun again AND fit your ideal lifestyle.
  • ​You are excited to forge a new path in your business and grow personally in the process.
  • ​You have a strong desire to express yourself creatively and develop yourself as an industry leader.
  • ​You want to produce more consistent and more leveraged income doing what you love.   
MAVERICKS is not for YOU, IF:
  • ​You just want to turn your brain off and let someone else do all the thinking, leading, creating and producing.
  • ​You're a "program hopper" and jump from coaching program to coaching program without taking action. 
  • ​You don't care how you get there, you just want to make more money.
  • You just want new marketing tactics and a place to ask questions.
  • ​You don't intend on taking rapid and imperfect action on things that'll move you forward personally & professionally.
  • I can't think of anything else...  I truly believe this is a game-changer, and that it will help you have fun, gain clarity, lead powerfully and achieve breakthroughs in your business!
Do I Qualify?
Here Are the Requirements If You'd Like to Become a Maverick:
  • You must have an existing/established fitness business looking to pivot or transition to hybrid or 100% online (or already be online).
  • ​You must be willing to "READY, FIRE, AIM" and take massive imperfect action.
  • ​You must be able to take personal responsibility and value personal growth as much as growing your business.
  •  You want to create more impact in the lives of your clients as well as your income ... but need a clear and proven path to success.
  • ​You want to learn how to be a better business owner and LEADER.
  • ​You want to have FUN and believe there are only lessons learned, and never failures in the process.
(& it's month-to-month because we want to continue to EARN your business.)
So here's the deal...

We set out to create this program to be exclusive yet easily accessible and impact as many Fit Pros as possible. 

If you wanted this kind of ACCESS to any one of us (me, Mike and Michelle) in the past, you'd have to join one of our flagship programs which range from $2,000-$10,000.

Even then, to continue having this level of ongoing access would normally cost you $500-$1500+ per month. 

On top of that, we've committed to releasing brand new relevant trainings each and every month that could easily be individually packaged and sold for hundreds (or thousands) of dollars. 

We could easily be at $500-$1000 per month AND STILL BE COMPETITIVELY PRICED for the industries standards. But that's not what we're doing. 

This is a passion for us and it's our TOP PRIORITY to serve our fit pro community right now. 
Mavericks was built to foster the greatest community of Fitness Business Trailblazers to collectively steer the industry into uncharted territories.
We HAD to make this a no-brainer for those who value what we are trying to do, and are also willing to invest to make it happen. 

So you won't be paying $2,000-$10,000 like members of our flagship programs ...

and you won't be paying $500-$1500 every month like industry standards ...

We want to give you "High Ticket Coaching" WITHOUT the high ticket! 

The investment to become a member of the Mavericks Mastermind is just $249/mo. 

We want to EARN keeping you on as a member.

That's why we made it month-to-month (no commitments), and you can cancel anytime (please just give us 5 days notice).

So what are you waiting for!? Become a MAVERICK today!!
Join Our Maverick Mastermind TODAY!
USD - Recurring payment - Cancel Anytime
100% Happiness, 14-Day Money Back Guarantee​
One Last Thing, Don't "Miss the Boat!"
If you made it this far down the page, it's obvious you understand how important it is to pivot and adapt quickly during these crazy times. 

But you might still be unsure or feeling insecure about the path that lies before you. 


We're in uncharted territory with new and exciting challenges and opportunities.

Trust us when we say, "This is not our first rodeo."

In fact, 90% of our individual successes came from  being EARLY ADOPTERS to strategies and opportunities that were uncharted territories for us.

So here we are, yet again at a crossroads. 

One path is the one you're currently on.  You know where it goes, because you've been on it for a very long time. 

The other?

The one less traveled. That's new, exciting and fun ... yet scary and uncharted. 

One leaves you alone but comfortable, the other is unknown, but you'll be in great company.

Whichever one you take, the choice is yours...

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."
- Robert Frost

Join Our Maverick Mastermind TODAY!
USD - Recurring payment - Cancel Anytime
100% Happiness, 14-Day Money Back Guarantee​
Frequently Asked Questions
How does the Mavericks Mastermind membership work? 
When you join The Mavericks Mastermind, you'll be charged every month on the same date you made your initial purchase. As soon as you join, you’ll get instant access to our private membership site, details on how to access our Mavericks Facebook Group, past trainings, and all of the bonuses.
What is your cancellation policy? 
Easy! Your membership is month-to-month, and you can cancel anytime with a 5-day notice before your upcoming billing cycle. If you wish to cancel your membership, simply click the “My Membership” tab, and click the cancellation button.
Is Mavericks for Online Fitness Businesses or Brick & Mortar Facilities? 
This is for online coaching AND brick and mortar fitness business owners that want to pivot to hybrid or 100% online training.
Will there be REPLAYS of the coaching sessions if I can’t attend? 
ABSOLUTELY! All our live trainings are recorded and posted in the membership area for our members. Generally, they happen around 2pm EST every Tuesday. Many of our clients live all around the world, so it's not always possible for everyone to attend live. We've got you covered :-) 
Do I have to spend a lot of money on Facebook ads to make this work? 
Not at all ... but you’ll be more equipped to spend money on advertising than you would be without us for sure!
Will I need to buy a bunch of tools and software to implement what you teach? 
We love cool tech as much as the next guy or gal, but the tactics, strategies, and execution strategies you’ll learn in this program are not “tool dependent” nor are they hinged upon short-term solutions that'll be outdated in a matter of months.
I’ve tried tons of products, coaches, agencies and everything under the sun ... will this work for me?? 
Yikes! That’s a lot of trial and error! Good news: this program ELIMINATES GUESS-WORK and puts you on the right path. Just take action on strategies that are PROVEN to WORK (you’ll discover it all inside the group).
I’m worried about how much time I’ll need to devote to this (already so busy)!
One of the biggest parts of Mavericks is “trimming the fat” and actually SAVING you time, energy and overwhelm. So, while you'll want to commit time and energy into this program, by effectively implementing what we teach, you’ll have MORE free time than before :-) 

I'm not good at tech, will I be able to keep up? 
YES! This group all about developing the “skills that pay the bills,” keeping things simple, and building a business around YOU ... not a life around your business. No square pegs in round holes.
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