FREE: 2018 Quarter 4 Content & Marketing Template for Fitness Pros!
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This ONE-PAGE doc will make your life a LOT easier. 
FREE TEMPLATE for your 2018 4th Quarter Marketing & Content
It's a simple to use framework to easily keep track of what you've got going on over the next 90 days in your business. 
You'll See Sample Ideas for:
  • October, November, and December Content Themes
  • Blog Content Ideas, Workshops / Seminars, Charity Events
  • Marketing / FEO's, Local Business Building & Networking
  • Client Referral Ideas, Client Reactivations
  • Upsell and Ascension Ideas
  • Client Socials & MORE!!
Written By, Alicia Streger, CSCS
Founder of Fit Pro Essentials, and the Fitness Business Freedom Formula, Alicia has been helping fitness pro's systemize and streamline their businesses for over 5 years.  
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