Attention Fitness & Health Pros!
How Would You like a Done-for-You Transformation Program That'll Educate & Empower Your Clients, Help Them Achieve INCREDIBLE Results, & Generate MASSIVE REVENUE in Your Business?
Dear Fitness Pros & Health Coaches,

It's FINALLY HERE!  You asked for it, you got it.  Based on the HUGE SUCCESS everyone was having running my original 6-week "Little Black Dress Project" Transformation Program...

I've decided to release "The Little Black Dress Project 2.0!"

Since launching the first edition, I've been getting email after email from my clients letting me know how INCREDIBLE the results were for their business and for their clients.  

Not only were people generating THOUSANDS of dollars in revenue... but their clients LOVED participating in the program and had life-changing results.  They lost weight, gained confidence, got educated, and felt empowered and supported.
Because people were getting such incredible results, I felt compelled to create another edition of this program.  

If you're anything like me, you became a fitness pro or health coach because you're passionate about creating a positive impact in other people's lives.  

You thrive on helping others live their best life possible.  You give your time, energy, blood, sweat and tears to help them push through boundaries they never thought possible.  

But you're also passionate about creating financial independence and building an incredible life for you and your family.

If this resonates with you, you're in the right place... because these values are the foundation for The Little Black Dress 2.0 Transformation Program (and all of my other programs).  
What is The Little Black Dress Project 2.0? 
Simple.  It's a four week, done-for-you transformation program that's got everything you need to deliver life-changing results to your clients... all while massively boosting your revenue. 

It shares the same philosophy as the original LBD program, but this 2.0 version features BRAND NEW RECIPES & CONTENT!   

There are meal guides, printable grocery lists, and inspirational client emails.  There's also a complete client success manual, recipe manual, goal setting worksheet, measurement guide, and the list goes on.  

Just scroll down to see everything that's included.  The best  part is, it's 100% REBRANDABLE.  All you need to do is add your name and logo, and you're ready to rock. 
This One Program Can Change EVERYTHING For Your Business.
Transformation challenges like The Little Black Dress Project 2.0 are AMAZING for keeping current clients hyper-focused on their goals.  This leads to better results, happier clients, and improved retention. 

They also give prospects who don't know you yet the opportunity to try out your program, see what you have to offer, and get serious results... before signing up for a long-term agreement. 
When your participants have a proven plan, a specific period of time to stay focused for, and the accountability and support they need to stay on track... they get INCREDIBLE RESULTS! 

And this makes them want to come back again and again for MORE. 

Business owners who aren't effectively tapping into the power of transformation challenges are losing hundreds of potential clients and THOUSANDS of dollars to competitors who are leveraging this strategy. 

The Little Black Dress Project is a PROVEN concept. Women go CRAZY for it.  

My original LBD edition has been run successfully in over 1000 fitness businesses worldwide.  I have no doubt this one will be equally as powerful.  
I wouldn't be surprised if you made at least 10-200x your investment back. I've personally done it, and my coaching clients do it all the time.  
Check out the testimonials below, and you'll see for yourself.   

You can easily generate an EXTRA $1k, $10k, or even $50k+ depending on your business model and marketing budget!

Make your investment back after just a single person signs up for your Little Black Dress Project 2.0.  And this isn't even including anyone you'd sign up for membership on the BACK END. 

Even more great news?  This 4-week program literally has EVERYTHING you need to run a successful transformation challenge in your business.   Just scroll down to see all of the resources and extras that are included...
3 Great Ways To Use The Little Black Dress Project 2.0
  • Stand-Alone Transformation Program:  You don't need the original LBD program to run this challenge successfully!  This is PERFECT as a four-week stand-alone transformation program.  
  • Compliment the Original LBD Program:  If you DO own the original 6-Week LBD, you can easily run this AFTER as the perfect companion program.  Combined, this would turn your clients LBD journey into a 10-Week experience. 
  • Online or Offline Transformation Program: This program works great for both online and offline businesses.  Whether you work in person with your clients or you train them online, this program will be amazing either way! 
Included In The Little Black Dress Project 2.0
This Program is 100% Rebrandable & Customizable. Everything is in a .doc format to make it easy to add your branding or simply put your personal touch on it.

Success Manual

You’ll get a 41-page Client Success Manual designed to empower and educate your clients about nutrition and how to live a healthy lifestyle.  It's loaded with success tips and strategies to help them get the best results possible.

Recipe Manual

Complete Recipe Manual filled with whole-foods based, incredible recipes like One-Pan Balsamic Chicken & Vegetables, LBD Quinoa Bowl, Caribbean Lettuce Wraps, Cucumber Mint Smoothie, and a lot more!

Weekly Meal Guides

You’ll get 4 weeks of done-for-you meal guides that are 100% Registered Dietician Approved. It's a real, whole-foods based guideline that your clients will absolutely LOVE! 

Weekly Grocery Lists

Each week will come with a complete grocery list that your clients just have to print and take with them to the grocery store!

Daily Inspirational Emails

You’ll get 28 daily emails created to inspire, motivate, and keep clients and on track with their goals. These are INVALUABLE for client retention and will keep your your participants focused on what's most important to them. 

Perfect Portions Guide

A professionally designed "Perfect Portions Guide" designed to educate your clients and empower them to make better decisions with regards to their perfect portion sizes.  Simple to print and go. 

Getting Started Checklist

This checklist outlines everything your clients need for their 28-day challenge. It covers everything from setting aside time to grocery shop, meal prep and how to set themselves up for success!

Dining Out Guide

Give your clients the tools they need to be successful when they go out to eat! This dining out swap guide will show them how to turn any restaurant menu item into a delicious, healthy, and challenge-friendly alternative.

Measurement Worksheet

Simple to use "Client Measurement" worksheet so you can quickly and easily track your client’s results.

Goal-Setting Worksheet

Get your clients focused and educated on the RIGHT way to set goals that will help set themselves up for success!
And... Grab These 5 FAST ACTION BONUSES Now!

BONUS #1: Business Owner Checklist

A comprehensive checklist of everything you need to be successful & maximize profits during your 28-Day Program.

- What you need to do BEFORE the challenge to set yourself up for success when you  run this program.
- Everything you need  to be mindful of DURING The Little Black Dress 2.0.
- Things you need to consider AFTER the program is over to ensure to maximize your results.

BONUS #2: Complete LBD 2.0 Pricing Guide

I'll break down the exact pricing strategy that I share with my coaching clients for Front End Offers. 

I'll show you exactly how to price your challenge to maximize profits AND bring in qualified prospects (people who will likely continue on with your program once the challenge is over!). 

BONUS #3: Goal-Setting Card Scripts & Tips

You'll see an exact sample of the goal card script that we sent to actual clients during their program! 

I'll also show you exactly where to pick up beautiful Little Black Dress / motivational cards inexpensively! 

BONUS #4: Client Check-In Call Scripts 

Quick and easy call script templates to follow, so you’ll know exactly when to check in and what to say to hold your clients accountable.

You'll Get Phone Call Scripts For:
- A call BEFORE their program even begins 
- The day after their first workout
- A mid-program check-in call
- & A Bonus"Missing In Action" call script in  case you have a client who hasn't shown up for a workout in a few days! 

BONUS #5: LBD Party Blueprint 

Step-by-Step Blueprint showing you  exactly "what" to "how" to put on an unforgettable LBD Celebration Party! 

Your Blueprint &  Checklist Will Have Tips For: 
- LBD Dress Fitting Party (before the party!)
- Securing your location
- What kind of food to order (& food budget) 
- RSVP options 
- Party Favor Ideas
- and more! 
Everything is 100% Rebrandable. It's Delivered right in Canva to make it easy to add your branding, make edits, or put your personal touch on it.
100% Happiness Guarantee
I'm SO confident that you're going to love this program, that I'm giving you a 14-Day, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee.  
There's zero risk for you, all the risk is on me!
Only $297  ($497)
See What Clients Have Said About My Original Little Black Dress Project...
Don't Stress. Save Over 100+ Hours of Work...
Just Add Your Name & Logo. Then Click Send. 
If you've ever built a transformation program from scratch, you'll know how much TIME and ENERGY it takes. 

It's way  more than just putting together the meal guides and grocery list.  You have to ensure you have the right balance of macros, test and tweak the recipes, and then send off to get a stamp of approval from the dietician.

Then you have to create the success manual and write daily emails to keep your members motivated and inspired... not even counting all of the other resources to help boost and track your client's success (like goal-setting worksheets, portion control guides, nutrition swaps, success checklists, etc.)  

It's easily over 100+ hours of SPECIALIZED work.  It's a tedious process from start to finish... but lucky for you, I've already done it  all for you.

All you have to do is add your name in the highlighted areas of the material.  Pop on your logo, and it's READY to go.  That's IT! 

No need to spend your time behind the lifeless  computer recreating the wheel.  

This program will give you your TIME back... so you can spend it with your family, relaxing, working ON your business, or doing just about anything else you want to do! 
Here's a Quick Recap of What You'll Get...
The LBD 2.0 Includes:
  • ​LBD 2.0 Client Success Manual
  • ​Complete LBD 2.0 Recipe Manual
  • 4 Weeks of Dietician-Approved Meal Guides
  • ​4 Weeks of Sample Printable Grocery Lists
  • ​28 Daily Motivational & Inspiration Emails
  • ​LBD 2.0 Perfect Portions Guide
  • ​Complete Client Checklist for Success
  • ​LBD "Dining Out" Swap Guide
  • ​Client Measurement Worksheet
  • ​Client Goal Setting Worksheet
Fast  Action Bonuses:
  • BONUS #1: Business Owner Checklist
  • BONUS #2: Complete LBD 2.0 Pricing Guide
  • BONUS #3: Goal-Setting Card Scripts & Tips
  • BONUS #4: Client Check-In Call Scripts
  • BONUS #5: LBD Party Blueprint & Checklist
So What Are You Waiting For!?
You've got NOTHING to lose... This Program Is 
Proudly Backed by My 14-Day, 100% Happiness Guarantee. 
Only $297 ($497)
Stop wasting time and energy trying to do all of this yourself!

Pick up your copy of The Little Black Dress Project 2.0 Transformation Program now and add a new revenue stream into your business while giving your clients an incredible tool to help them achieve accelerated results!

Looking Forward To Your Success,
Alicia Streger, CSCS
P.S. Don't forget this system is 100% DONE-FOR-YOU.  All you need to do is add your logo, and then copy & paste!

*It's a results-oriented, profit-generating, plug and play system that you will LOVE.

**This program is formatted as a downloadable .doc file so you will be able to make any edits or changes that you want!

***Once you order, you'll have INSTANT ACCESS to the program.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Can I Run The LBD Project 2.0 as an Online Challenge? 
Yes you can! You can run the 2.0 edition as an online challenge or program!  
I'm a Male Coach... Would This Work for My Clients? 
Absolutely! Many male business owners have run the Little Black Dress Project inside of their businesses and have been incredibly successful!  It doesn't matter if you're a male or female business owner. 
Is This Program Suitable for Vegetarians or Vegans? 
NoThis program is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans. 
What's the Calorie & Macro Breakdown in the LBD 2.0 Meal Guide? 
Calories range from 1450-1550 per day.  Protein is right around 100g per day.  Depending on the week, fat ranges from 75-90g, and carbs range from 82-130g.
Is The Little Black Dress Project 2.0 Good for Men, Too? 
This program is designed for women.  The suggested calorie requirements are designed with a woman in mind.  Also, the branding and content is crafted specifically for women.  I do not recommend marketing this  challenge to men.  

On a side note, the recipes are great for both men and women!  If there's a family at home, doubling or tripling the recipes can make for a big hit at dinner time!
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